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Writer. Business “Pro.” General Nerd.

Sarah is the brains behind the entire operation here at Wasteland Comics. All the crazy characters you’re hopefully going to fall in love with are clamoring for attention inside her overactive brain space, and she’s loving every minute of it (most of the time).

She’s a SoCal native who studied Creative Writing and Religious Studies at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. She’s also a halfway decent yogi, budding tea connoisseur, mediocre gamer, avid reader, obsessed D&D player, and crazy cat lady.


Artist. Business Baby. Grandmaster Geek.

Alston is steering the art portion of the ship here at Wasteland Comics. Designing outrageous characters and always making sure to add 10% more gay and 25% more punk to every panel.

They've lived all over the country, but studied Creative Writing at the University of Iowa and Art at the Basement of Novak. They are a podcast enthusiast, Shakespeare nerd, TOS Trekkie, lapsed reader, and local gremlin.