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[ she/they ]

Head Writer & Co-Founder

Sarah is the brains behind the story-related operations here at Wasteland Comics. All the crazy characters you’re going to fall in love with, feel protective of, or hate with a burning passion are clamoring for attention in her overactive brain space—and she’s loving every minute of it (most of the time).

A SoCal native who studied Creative Writing and Religious Studies at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA, they’re also a halfway decent yogi, budding tea connoisseur, obsessed D&D player, avid reader, mediocre gamer, and crazy cat lady. Her love of deserts (and Death Valley in particular) and concern over the effects of climate change inspired Glitch’s setting and themes.

[ they/them ]

Head Artist & Co-Founder

Alston is steering the art portion of the ship here at Wasteland Comics. They spend their free time designing outrageous characters and always making sure to add 10% more gay and 25% more punk to every panel.

They've lived all over the country, but studied Creative Writing at the University of Iowa and Art at the Basement of Novak. They are a podcast enthusiast, animation nerd, and lapsed reader who is currently suffering from "Our Flag Means Death" brainrot. (Affectionate.)

[ she/her ]

Social Media Manager

Dee Dee is the voice of Wasteland Comics. Unveiling the backend of production and bringing cool and new updates and experiences to fans of the wasteland!

A SoCal native who studied film, Dee Dee is now an avid lover of boba tea, positive affirmations, and Cowboy Bebop. She dreams of a future where quality live action adaptations of anime are the norm.

[ he/him ]

Project Manager

James is the listmaker and timeline organizer for Wasteland Comics. He prides himself on taking notes, posting status updates, and navigating any daunting administrative forms. If artists can art and writers can write without worrying about other tasks, then James is happy.

Born but not raised in SoCal, he studied Film Production at the University of Miami and works in marketing. He aspires to have more tattoos, play more tabletop games, and always be the gay that can do math. Bring him a bagel and he’ll be your best friend.

Keeping it Geekly

Coming Soon...

Keeping It Geekly

Interview with Voyage LA

"Sarah had the original idea for what would eventually become the epic we now call GLITCH. In its first draft, the script was meant to be for an animated short film. Alston read it and was a Big Fan. At the same time, Sarah found Alston's art and was, mutually, a Big Fan. After some fangirling, we decided to collaborate and turn the story into a one-shot comic. After a few emails, Alston asked too many questions about the world and Sarah replied with too many new characters and plots, so we scrapped the idea and began work on an on-going, 10+ volume series instead..."

Read our full interview with Voyage LA here!

Team GLITCH Talks Fury Road
on "This Is Rad!"

Alston and Sarah geek out about Mad Max: Fury Road (among LOTS of other things) in this high-octane episode of "This Is Rad!" with Kyle and Matthew. Can we stay on topic for more than 10 minutes? (Spoiler alert: No, we can't.)

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