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Welcome to the Wasteland!

The Wasteland—an unforgiving and desolate place that just so happens to be one of the last bastions of life left on Earth. Ari is a teenage scavenger scraping by until she stumbles across a priceless, malfunctioning AI from the Old World. Now, with every gang from the Cactus Clan to the rogue bandits Jaws the Rock-Eater and Boom, and even the elusive Night Rider hunting her down, Ari has to band together with old allies to unlock the secrets of the past...if she can stay alive long enough.

Join us for this exciting YA Post-Apocalyptic Solarpunk Adventure!

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GLITCH #1 Made CBR's 10 Best Indie Titles At LA Comic Con 2022!

10 Best Indie Titles At LA Comic Con 2022

GLITCH #1: A YA Post-Apocalyptic Solarpunk Comic - FUNDED IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!

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